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September 11, 2016

We celebrate the life and memory of the legendary Michael Lunden once again on this day marking the 15th year after September 11, 2001.

To so many of us Michael was like our closest friend. To Michelle, he was a husband and to their son Matthew (now a sophomore at Xavier High School in New York City) a Father. To Rose and Jerry a son and to Mark and Tracy a brother.


To all of us he lives still as the man/the myth/the legend that we had originally celebrated together 15 years ago. And so we use this particular day as a convenient opportunity for us to check-in with Mike again over some of the memories that we still share with him each and every day.

Meanwhile we encourage you to also further review Mike memories within the website - which we originally posted on the 10th day of September, in 2011.

From the Friends of Mike Lunden....;

Thanks to Wix and the helpers on this tribute site!

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